Configuring BSNL Dataone Connection on D-Link 500T modem

BSNL Dataone is an ISP in India (Government Owned). I had a D-Link 500T from one of my previous ISP and wanted to configure it for my BSNL Dataone Connection.

Lets assume that you have done the connections to the modem properly (the aDSL cable properly connected and an RJ45 Cable between your desktop and the modem, your LAN card to get IP from the modem using DHCP)

The following are the steps to configure it:

1. Login to your modem

Capture 017

2. Create a new connection, or edit the Connection 1 settings to look like the following:

Capture 018

Basically, the following are the settings:

Name: MyBSNL

Type: PPPoE

Options: NAT and Firewall to be checked

Username: username@dataone (where username is what BSNL gave you)

Password: xxxxx (of course, the password that BSNL gave you)

VPI: 0

VCI: 35


MRU: 1492

Keep Alive: 10 mins

Max Fail: 10 Times

MTU: 1400 bytes

Set Router: Checked

On Demand: Not Checked

3. Save the settings and reboot the router. Check the connection from your desktop.

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