Using iTerm with Elasticfox on OS X

Elasticfox plugin for firefox on OS X uses by default(to SSH into the EC2 instances). If you would like to use iTerm instead of

1. Create a script (say ec2-ssh.osascript) in your home directory. This is an applescript.

on run argv
  tell application "iTerm"
    set cmd to "ssh -i " & item 1 of argv & " " & item 2 of argv
    set myterm to the last terminal
    tell myterm
      launch session "Default Session"
      tell the last session
        write text the cmd
      end tell
    end tell
  end tell
end run

2. Edit ElasticFox properties. It should look like the following:

capture 1.png

So, every time you try to SSH, it would use iTerm instead of