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Free applications for HTC Touch

Here are some excellent free (or nearly free) applications for HTC Touch. Some/Most of these application can also work with other PPC (Pocket PC) devices

1. PocketCM Keyboard: Do you wish you have iPhone-like keyboard on your HTC Touch ? Then look no further. This application nearly replicates the keyboard on iPhone.

2.Skype: Of course. This is an everyday application that you cannot live without. Why tethered to the computer when you can have skype on your mobile (use wifi only. GPRS/Edge might not provide a good experience). Download the PocketPC edition.

3. Total Commander: Are you a power user ? Did you want a better file manager, registry editor, FTP client, network browser ? Total Commander is all these and more. It is easy to use and provides near-total control of your HTC touch/Pocket PC.

Will keep this list updated as and when I find new applications …

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HTC Touch – Unlock from Airtel

I was surprised to find out that HTC Touch in India is locked to Airtel. The sales rep (Wavetel, Tambaram, Chennai) did not inform me that the phone is locked to Airtel for 2 years. Since I had to travel abroad, I had no other choice but to unlock it. I used the serivces of Unlock-Now and I was able to unlock the phone for $20 approx. Try it out. It is worth the money. (for now, only unlock-now offers the lowest-cost solution)

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Changing local weather on HTC Touch home screen

I bought a HTC touch today (Windows Mobile 6). I was sad to see that Chennai, (formerly Madras) was not listed in the cities for displaying weather. So, I hacked the registry to make the changes to the local weather display on the home screen. Here is the method:

  1. Download a registry editor like Mobile Registry Editor which allows you to edit the registry from your PC using ActiveSync.
  2. Then go to:
  3. Change the location to “Chennai, IN” and the loccode to “ASI|IN|IN031|MADRAS”