CUPS, HP LaserJet 1320N and Linux/OSX

HP 1320N is a Jetdirect printer with automatic double-sided printing facility. To use the features of 1320N, download the ppd file from

Using printtool on linux or System Preferences –> Print & Fax , open the cupsd control panel

  1. Add Printer


  1. Under Printer model, choose Other, and select the ppd file you have download. This would add the required details for the 1320N printer.

From applications like Word, you can now choose the properties available under “Printer Setup/Configure” to print in dual mode etc.

What is a ppd file ?

For every PostScript printer the manufacturers provide a PPD file which contains all printer-specific information about the particular printer model: Basic printer capabilities as whether the printer is a color printer, fonts, PostScript level, etc., and especially the user-adjustable options, as paper size, resolution, etc. For every option setting they contain PostScript code which, embedded in the PostScript file sent to the printer, applies the corresponding setting to the job. The PPDs were developed to give the printer-specific information to the generic Windows/MacOS PostScript drivers, but they can also be used on Unix-style operating systems. The printing system CUPS and PPR support them natively, with all other printing systems they can be used with the help of Foomatic.

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