Free applications for HTC Touch

Here are some excellent free (or nearly free) applications for HTC Touch. Some/Most of these application can also work with other PPC (Pocket PC) devices

1. PocketCM Keyboard: Do you wish you have iPhone-like keyboard on your HTC Touch ? Then look no further. This application nearly replicates the keyboard on iPhone.

2.Skype: Of course. This is an everyday application that you cannot live without. Why tethered to the computer when you can have skype on your mobile (use wifi only. GPRS/Edge might not provide a good experience). Download the PocketPC edition.

3. Total Commander: Are you a power user ? Did you want a better file manager, registry editor, FTP client, network browser ? Total Commander is all these and more. It is easy to use and provides near-total control of your HTC touch/Pocket PC.

Will keep this list updated as and when I find new applications …

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3 thoughts on “Free applications for HTC Touch”

  1. Nope – doesn’t work on my htc touch.

    keyboard comes up – then when you press a key the whole keyboard goes away.

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