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Virtual Hosting with Mailman

This document is useful if:
1) Need to provide mailman to multiple domains
2) domain wants to have their customized mailman
3) list of one domain conflicts with another…


This doc assumes that mailman is already running on the server and that this doc is only for configuring mailman for multiple domains.

Installing Mailman for domain lists.mydomain.com

1) mkdir /www/lists.mydomain.com ( where mailman would be installed for the additional domain)
2) chown -R mailman.mailman /www/lists.mydomain.com
3) chmod 02755 /www/lists.mydomain.com
4) Untar the mailman package.
5) Run: ./configure –prefix=/www/lists.mydomain.com –with-username=mailman –with-groupname=mailman –with-cgi-gid=1063 –with-mail-gid=47
where 1063 is gid of the user under which the cgis run, and 47 the uid of mail/sendmail/smmsp
6) If you had installed sendmail from source, you would now need to make a symlink to the mailman wrapper binary
a. cd /www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/
b. ln -s wrapper wrapper2
c. cd /usr/adm/sm.bin ( or the dir where the symlink for smrsh to work properly are, which you had already configured for the initial mailman installation)
d. ln -s /www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper2 ./wrapper2
7) chmod -R 755 /www/lists.mydomain.com/cgi-bin
8) chown -R mailman.mailman /www/lists.mydomain.com

Creating a list and configuring sendmail

Configuring Mailman for Virtualhosting for lists.mydomain.com

1) su – mailman
2) cd /www/lists.mydomain.com/bin
3) ./newlist ( for example, news)
4) this will give the output like:
news: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper post news”
news-admin: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper mailowner news”
news-request: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper mailcmd news”
news-owner: news-admin

Copy the text ( DO NOT ADD THIS to /etc/mail/aliases yet)

5) Edit the text to:
mydomain_news: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper2 post news”
mydomain_news-admin: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper2 mailowner news”
mydomain_news-request: “|/www/lists.mydomain.com/mail/wrapper2 mailcmd news”
mydomain_news-owner: mydomain_news-admin

and as root, add to /etc/mail/aliases

6) Then, edit /etc/mail/virtusertable ( as root),and add the follwing:
news@lists.mydomain.com mydomain_news
news-admin@lists.mydomain.com mydomain_news-admin
news-request@lists.mydomain.com mydomain_news-request
news-owner@lists.mydomain.com mydomain_news-owner

7) as root, run /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail restart

List “news” is now created for lists.mydomain.com.